Our curriculum has been designed to initiate the development of knowledge, skills, and values in our students. Its key elements are:–> Strong focus on understanding and practical implementation of knowledge –> Launch of innovative modes of assessments other than exams and tests –> Implementation of latest technology in campuses–> Use of creative teaching aids like games, educational trips–> Regular evaluation of faculty and infrastructure–> Yearly review of curriculum and learning materialFor pre-primary students, the curriculum is very flexible as each student is allowed to progress at his own pace. It is focused on the S.I.M.P.L.E Development, that is–> Social development, –> Intellectual development,–> Mental development,–> Physical development, –> Language development and, –> Emotional development. Teachers facilitate these leanings through play way methods wherein children enjoy wide range of activities like drawing, coloring, tearing, pasting, clay molding, music, dance, narration, puppetry and dramatics. Our focus eventually shifts to development of literacy, numeracy and knowledge of the world in every child. In junior and middle classes, we stress on developing a deep and practical understanding of the academic concepts. We primarily use classroom teaching, multimedia aids, educational trips and board games to explain and practice concepts in class. Teachers conduct regular assessments in class and timely feedback on child’s performance is provided to the parents. Our aim is to nurture future global citizens who are deep thinkers, great communicators, knowledgeable, caring, principled, open minded and well balanced. We encourage children’s independence and initiative as they explore their environment, take responsibility and become problem solvers.

Value education form an important part of schooling with the purpose of introducing children to different religions, cultures, beliefs and acceptable norms of the society in order to broaden their thinking and enable them to form their own opinions.